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November 6, 2012:

Today, we as a nation collectively failed our children and forefathers. I had tried to the best of my very limited ability to inform a public which was more interested in Honey Boo-Boo and gotcha moments than weighty and substantial arguments for the continued survival and prosperity of our once great nation.

The twilight is soon coming, as the light fades on this once great experiment ....the dimly shining beacon of hope for people willing and wanting to exert themselves for the betterment of their family and community. Today we took our foot out from the doorway, and allowed a door to firmly shut. We stood by and cooked smores, marveling in the high flickering flames and flying embers of the bridge we found burning. Tomorrow we’ll go to work, school, or more likely just have to get off our couch to go to the mailbox for the small stipend the government is willing to bribe us with to waste our lives and be good servants.

Congratulations Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Whatever….you have now become the Meekest Generation. The Generation least likely to succeed. The most easily led…The least easily informed….the most undeserving of the freedoms and gifts bestowed to you by your forefathers and God.

November 7, 2012:

As I wake today, I know you may see my dire prediction as harsh and alarmist. You may say the vote was nearly evenly split...doesn't that still leave time for a change? I predicate my forecast based on the fact that entitlement spending is only accelerating, and that we only have half of this nation with any skin in the game (paying taxes) at this time. That vital block will continue to dwindle these next four years. A majority of "entitled" Americans will ride the back of the producers of this nation like a faithful horse until exhaustion. The clock is ticking...the light is fading...

November 8, 2012:

One reason I have been told to not fret by friends is the "gridlock factor" of D.C., and the fact that nothing will get done... My counter-point is that the vehicle of our destruction is in motion (Obamacare, and every other program adding a Trillion dollars a year to our debt). Our opportunity to inject some sanity in our fiscal policy has evaporated...It doesn't matter if a single piece of legislation doesn't get passed...we are inevitably going to crash the system that is the underpinning of capitalism here in the States without some huge moment of realization by the powers that be. There has been no inclination by this administration to realistically deal with the situation. Entitlement expenditures WILL bankrupt this nation without some plan to overhaul the system. Anyone who has presented a reasonable plan has been labeled a villain by this President and his minions. Kicking the can down the road has been the default, but the road ends soon. This president has also seen fit to use agencies (EPA, etc.) and Presidential Directives in an insanely unprecedented way to just ignore Congress and the desires of the people of this nation. He has "crafted new laws" or obliterated existing ones at his own whim to further his agenda....Country, Congress and People be damned.

One thing a friend said rings eerily true: "We get the government we deserve".....we vote them in, and we harvest what we sow. This lesson will punish the people of our country for generations to come. At this point, I almost want to see the whole thing explode in a huge fiery mess, just to see the faces of the 51%, or so, that let this happen. Their programs will evaporate, too....their "Obama Phones" won't get a dial tone...they won't be able to watch Honey Boo-Boo on their government provided cable. It certainly would make me feel better....but it still affects so many who don't deserve this...who balance their checkbooks, pay their bills and follow the rules. The tragedy is too much to truly fathom, and will slowly play out in front of us as we stare at the boob tube, and watch the fires burn as the entitled decry "racism" or "the rich are killing us" as they wave their inoperative phones in the air.

Guess I haven't found that ray of hope yet....sorry, folks.

April 2, 2013

So, Months have passed. Autopsies have been accomplished. Fingers have been pointed. A "kinder, gentler" message has been crafted...assuming we, as a nation are too stupid or P.C. to be able to take a dose of reality. All the great civilizations that have risen and fallen have seen their Swan Song play its final notes as they become embroiled in distracting, divisive conflicts or spectacles...allowing the systems that instilled their societies with greatness to atrophy, wither and die, while the throngs were oblivious. By the time the generally well-meaning sheep hear the explosions and see the bricks and mortar of their foundations raining down upon themselves, it is too late.

What do we see as the distraction for our once-great society today? Could it be some silly redefining of an institution like Marriage? Maybe an argument that law breakers should not only receive clemency for their mis-deeds, but be rewarded over those who follow the laws of our land (College degrees from prestigious Universities, anyone?)? What about a rather insignificant reduction in the INCREASE of our annual expenditures requiring some government tours to be closed for show? How about school debt, and this Administrations desire to wipe the slate clean? These issues, and others like them, lead and end our newscasts. And to make sure the masses don't grow restless, our government has printing presses running day and night to artificially keep inflation low, and investments strong....Never mind the reckoning to come as the presses either run out of paper or our monetary system collapses under its own weight.

Time to practice your fiddle, oh Nero.

July 1, 2015

So the highest court of our land can no longer read at a 3rd grade level.  Intent, as well as definition, stood squarely on the side of loss of Obamacare subsidies to non-state-run exchanges, but the court was more interested in injecting opinion and politics than the law,  They have, in effect, become another legislative branch (along with the Executive Orders and regulation overreach) to once again diminish the role and usefulness of the Congress. In effect, they, along with the president, have ignored laws passed legally, and decided to interpret them the way they see fit, rather than understanding the intent and ruling purely on the basis of law. Shame on them and shame on us for allowing it.  The Republicans collectively breathed a sigh of relief as they would not have to address the mess the Dems created, fearing for the political fodder it would give the left in the coming election.  Shane on them....if they cannot put out a reasonable position as to how the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable, and needs fixing, if not repealing, then we have already lost the fight for freedom (we cannot choose our health care, the government must approve it)  and the American Dream (You can become successful, if you can fight through the regulations and taxes, but will become vilified and plundered in the name of social justice).  

Also, we have taken away our peoples right to define Marriage.  Marriage is not a government institution, but a religious one.  The U.S. government only took notice when federal tax issues sprung up a century or so ago.  So now that government intrusion into our bank accounts has led to intrusion into our bedrooms and churches, is there a reasonable dissenting voice out there that is not decreed a bigot?  I have no qualms with folks identifying as LGBT...I understand some folks have a leaning toward relationships not sanctioned by nature or God.  I had a dearly loved Uncle that was gay, and I believe he was of the highest caliber of person.  I think most people really don't care what two consenting adults do in their own home, as long as it does not harm someone.  The issue really is that the rights won by LGBT lawyers infringes upon the rights of those with religious beliefs.  Can you force a business to sell to/support a gay marriage against personally held beliefs?  Very likely under the decision handed down.  Can you force a church to provide a ceremony for the couple?  Not yet, but the mechanism is now in place to fight for that intrusion.  A civil union can be obtained in most states and impart the same legal rights and obligations as marriage,  but the "normalization" of an abnormal sexual inclination is the goal, if not even a special protected status giving LGBT rights that non-LGBT folks will not have (preference as minority status).  Again, we as the empathetic and caring majority are being vilified for not wanting to give up our freedoms fought for by our forefathers.  States were retained during our country's formation to allow for varying opinions and laws to be held, and for people to  have a choice where to live, worship and work.  All the powers not given to the Federal government were to be given to the states.  I guess we haven't read that part of the constitution in a while, huh?

This leads us to another factor in our societal downgrade....the attack upon Christianity (and Judaism).  We as a nation (let's say the media and the Left, at least) hold up the rights of the religious minorities in the U.S. (those who do not call-out by name those who kill innocents in the name of their religion), and belittle the religion of peace that built this country.  How did we get here?  I see 3 things that precipitated this event:

1) The protection of unborn human life.  The church extends the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (yea… that's not Biblical, but it followed so well!) to conceived human life.  This will not change, and the desire of those without a religious underpinning that life should be able to be terminated at a whim just reinforces the thought of a hedonistic life without consequences.  I do feel that sentencing a woman and/or man to 18 years hard labor with an un-wanted child is not a solution, but there are 10 families out there  ready to adopt an unwanted child.  

2) The Crusades.  Current media (and Presidential) accounts paint Christianity with a wide and bloody brush with respect to this period.  The uninformed will simply soak up these accounts without research.  The truth is that the church was reacting to a bloody Muslim expansion into Christian lands after the death of Mohammed.   Palestine, Syria and Egypt (once the most heavily Christian lands) were quickly overtaken.  Muslim Armies had taken all of Christian North Africa, Turkey and Spain.  In desperation, the emperor in Constantinople asked the Christians of Western Europe to aid their brethren in the East.  After  four centuries of bloody losses,  losing fully two-thirds of their Christian lands, the Crusades were born as a defense to Muslim aggression.

3) Evolution.  Those with Christian faith are constantly derided for Creationism.  I believe the church does hurt itself by denying or being at odds with science.  Granted, there is plenty of "Junk Science" out there (actually NOT science, as it does not hold to scientific method or principles).  It exists only to prove a point, not to discover truth.  This is my personal view of how both can co-exist in harmony:  The account of Genesis is essentially correct:  There was darkness, there was light (the Big Bang?), the world was formed and populated with plants and animals.  Humans were the last to arrive. I see the arrival of man as the day we as a species became self-aware and formed ethical reasoning.  Prior to that point, we were simply animals, pure survival instinct.  All the details on how we came to be are inconsequential.  The Bible was written by men from the word of God.  It was written to be an historical account in some cases (the life of Christ) and a way to explain to the masses what Christianity is and what it stands for.  It was never meant to be a textbook on geology, astronomy or anthropology.  If a peasant went to a church sermon, and the Good Book stated that, instead of seven days, God created the Heavens, Earth and its' inhabitants in 13.8 billion years, do you really think anyone from that time frame could really wrap their head around that?  So let's stop the silly feuding and get down to the real truth:  Religion was and is an essential building block for society, and government cannot replace its rule, charity or empathy....period.

Our Obama Drama

Have you had enough of out-of-control spending, government take-overs of private businesses, and "change" that amounts to "more of the same, only worse"? Do you feel like standing from a rooftop, and screaming for our country and the world to wake up?

Well, do we have the product for you! It still gets the message out, but saves you those annoying court appearances for "disturbing the peace".

Let's decry our disappointment from every bumper and shirt-front!

Politicians...this nation is ours....not yours. You are the stewards of it's future, and you have failed miserably!